Amandeep Jawa
Last Updated: 02/22/2017

Note to Recruiters: I am not currently seeking contracts nor employment, thank you for your interest.

Address: 933 Valencia St., San Francisco CA 94110-2320
Email: deep AT worker DASH bee DOT com
Education: Duke University 1990 • BS Computer Science, BA Political Science
Misc: Natural Born US Citizen • References available upon request

Primary Objective:
I am interested in writing software that is technically challenging for me and enjoyable and useful for as many users as possible.

Technical Summary:
  • 26 years industry experience as a software developer, both contractor & full time.
  • Have developed and shipped software on diverse platforms: macOS, Windows, web, iOS
  • Proven ability to learn new technologies & tools as needed.
  • Have worked extensively on consumer software, web applications, client/server applications & vertical solutions.
  • Have demonstrated and enjoy utilizing my project & team management skills, and client liaison skills.
  • Excellent oral & written communications skills.

C++ / TCP/IP • Sr. Software Engineer • Apple, Inc.
Full-time • May 2002 - Present • Cupertino CA
  • Worked on iTunes, Apple's consumer digital audio management & playback application.
  • Developed DAAP, an HTTP based protocol for audio database sharing over TCP/IP networks, and implemented a multi-threaded DAAP client & DAAP server in C++ in Apple's iTunes application.
  • Developed CloudDAAP protocols for Apple's iCloud Music Library, iTunes Match & iTunes in the Cloud services, and implemented client implementations in Apple's iTunes application.
  • Worked on iTunes Remote app for iOS, primarly server-side, but with some UI work on the front-end.
  • Developed syncing protocols for AppleTV products including developing network file syncing and authentication protocols and on-device libraries for first generation AppleTV.
  • Developed DACP, an HTTP based protocol for controlling music jukebox software (such as iTunes) over TCP/IP networks, and implemented a multi-threaded DACP server in Apple's iTunes application (for use with Apple's iOS Remote application.)
  • Developed DPAP, an HTTP based protocol for image database sharing over TCP/IP networks, and implemented a multi-threaded DPAP server in Apple's iPhoto application.
  • Authored extensive DAAP & DPAP protocol specification documents (~75 pages each).

C/ C++ / Java / Javascript / Windows SDK & MFC / JSP / HTML / PERL • Contract Software Engineer • Various
Contract • 1995-1996, 1996-2000, 2001-2002.
Various contracting positions on and off between full time positions. Details available on request. Highlights include:
  • Ported Civilization II & Civilization II Gold to the Mac for Varcon Systems
  • Developed various ASP, Java, Javascript, SQL websites for QualityProcess Inc.
  • Worked on MFC/Windows SDK applications for QualityProcess Inc.
  • Developed C++/Lingo multimedia CD-ROM games for SF Canyon Co

Solaris/ Apache / Java /Servlets / C / C++ / SQL • Project Lead & Senior Engineer • Imagelock, Inc.
Full-time • February 2000 - March 2001 • San Francisco CA
  • Served as senior engineer & project lead on AgentM product website.
  • Served as project manager on AgentM team directly managing 3 employees.
  • Upgraded and maintained existing C code for AgentM product website.
  • Redesigned and implemented AgentM product website using Java servlet technology, JDBC, JNI, and SQL (Sybase).
  • Served as senior engineer on Imagelock product website.
  • Redesigned and implemented Imagelock product website using Java servlet technology, JDBC, JNI, and SQL (Sybase).
  • Installed and managed Apache webserver, Tomcat & JServ servlet containers, and the Ant build tool.

C++/RogueWave/MFC/Mac Toolbox • Senior Software Engineer • ikonic inc.
Full-time • March 1996 - November 1996 • San Francisco CA
  • One of three senior developers of Ringmaster, a cross-platform TCP/IP based client/server system for dynamic content management for web sites (Win32/MacOS/Solaris).
  • Co-designed and developed cross-platform framework for Ringmaster system in C++ in Visual C++. Ringmaster utilized TCP/IP sockets based networking, FTP/HTTP, and the RogueWave Tools.h++/Net.h++ libraries.
  • Managed and developed the MacOS client using Metrowerks PowerPlant, RogueWave Tools.h++, a customized version of RogueWave Net.h++, and Winsock for MacOS.

MacOS Toolbox/C++ • MacOS Engineer • Berkeley Systems Inc.
Full-time • September 1992 - May 1995 • Berkeley, CA
  • Developed Expresso & StarDate, graphics intensive calendar/address book products for MacOS & Windows.
  • Co-designed and implemented cross-platform code in C++ (Symantec C++) using proprietary cross-platform application shell.
  • Designed and created cross-platform revision control system using Userland Frontier and Microsoft SourceSafe.
  • Responsible for localization of 4 international versions of Expresso.

MacOS Toolbox/C/C++ • MacOS Engineer • Delta Tao Software, Inc.
Full-time • July 1991 - September 1992 • Sunnyvale CA
  • Designed and created network strategy game, Galactus, for MacOS in C (Symantec & MPW).
  • Created an order tracking system using HyperCard.
  • Designed arcade-style game, Poseidon, for MacOS.