This is where I keep various development projects & goodies that may be of interest to other developers.

The most current library for Apache as of the date given here. I built this because the one that I found on the Apache site was really really old. 05/03/2002
A presentation on using CVS for beginners froma talk I gave. Formatted as a PowerPoint presentation & HTML 03/27/2002
A Java Web App useful for validating your HTTPD/ ServletContainer / JDBC installation & for testing various JDBC Drivers. 02/26/2002
Detailed instructions for installing the Mantis Bug Tracking Software on Linux 02/25/2002
Detailed instructions for installing Tomcat on Mac OS X & integrating it with Apache. Note: This info is out of date - better instructions exists here on the Apple website 05/15/2001
A really simple & old Finger Client I wrote for Classic Mac OS 8 ?/1997
A few technical notes, mostly of interest to myself ???